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The Bitter Beer Face Campaign

An Introduction to Keystone Light In the late 1990s, Molson Coors Beverage Company introduced a new advertising campaign that left an indelible mark on the beer industry. The “Bitter Beer Face” campaign, associated specifically with Keystone Light, aimed to showcase the bold flavors of the beer while discouraging the unpleasant taste of bitter hops. In […]

The Cause and Effect of Cringy Content.

“Cringy” social media content refers to posts or interactions on social media platforms that are perceived as awkward, embarrassing, or uncomfortable by others. The term is highly subjective, but there are some collectively cringy moments, and some things content creators should take into mind when they start creating content. Cringy content often involves attempts at […]

Leveraging TikTok for your Brand in 2024

It’s 2024 and if you’re in the business of getting attention for your brand, TikTok is still around and only gaining momentum. Is TikTok right for your brand? Maybe, maybe not. You don’t have to dominate every platform, but for most businesses and brands, a solid content plan for 2-3 platforms will produce tangible results. […]

5 Steps to Creating Social Media Content Today.

Just go. Social Media has become the most powerful tool for personal branding, business promotion, and community engagement. Whether you’re an aspiring influencer, a small business owner, or someone looking to share their passion with the world, creating compelling social media content is a critical component of any brand strategy. If you’re ready to jump […]

Overcoming the Fear of Judgment in Content Creation.

The Fear Hurdle When it comes to creating content on social media, one of the biggest hurdles many newbie creators face is the fear of judgment. Judgment is the killer of dreams, a thief of joy, and a destroyer of worlds. The thought of putting yourself out there for others to see and potentially criticize […]

The Marketing Spectrum

Navigating the Different Aspects of Marketing In the ever-evolving landscape of business, marketing stands as a dynamic force, weaving its way through diverse channels and strategies to create impactful connections between products or services and their target audience. Let’s delve into the various aspects of marketing that collectively contribute to a comprehensive and effective approach. […]