BMG announced today that a new men’s magazine will begin production. Knuckle Dragger Magazine (KDM), is a national men’s publication that will focus on all aspects of the male lifestyle. Guns, Humor, Women, Sex, Music, Food, Sports, Gadgets, Clothing, Comic books, and Video Games all cover the gamut of  topic s that the editorial team will cover.

“KDM is a celebration of testosterone and food, mostly,” said Rodney Burrell, Editor-in-Chief of KDM. “Reaching the male demographic is not easy, so we have our work cut out for us, but I’m extremely optimistic that we can have a positive impact in this segment of magazine,” Burrell added.

KDM will launch as a digital magazine, publishing monthly. The crew then plans on expanding into print in 2012. “Print is still a very viable medium. People say print is dead, but it’s not, we just need to tailor our printing methods and circulation to what each customer wants and needs. Not every reader wants a hard copy, and some don’t want to read articles off of a computer screen, it’s all relative,” said Burrell.

The magazine’s launch party will take place in Pittsburgh, PA, where Burrell and his team have opened up shop.