If you’re interested in modeling for BMG, please read our requirements before submitting any information or photos.  BMG publishes 13 magazines in print and digital formats.

BMG classifies models into two categories, Amateur and Professional.

Being one or the other doesn’t grant you any better chance of being booked by one of our publications.

Amateur Models:

Have not booked any legitimate campaigns in print, digital, or otherwise.

They have done at least 3 shoots with a portfolio or fashion photographer and have a catalog of professional shots.

Amateur models are unpaid.

Professional Models:

Have booked a minimum of 3 verifiable print, web, or other marketing jobs outside of paid portfolio shots or TFP.

Promotional modeling does not count as a verifiable modeling job.

Professional models are paid 150.00 per shoot.

Requirements & Submission Policies

There is no height requirement for shooting with BMG, however, models should look like they do in their submitted photos. We don’t find catfishing very humorous.

If you’ve changed your hair color, gotten tattoos, implants, gained or lost weight, etc, share that information with our recruitment team.

If we can use your look, we will contact you with the date and time of the shoot. If you cannot make the shoot time, we will put you on the call list for another shoot.

If a model commits to shoot, she is required to sign a work agreement. If a model fails to give us 48 hours notice if they cannot shoot, they will be charged 150.00 and will be restricted from shooting with BMG in the future.

Submission Information

Photos (Low-res) 1200×800 and under.

1. Headshot



Also include:

First, Last name

Mailing Address

Phone number


Sizes (Shoe, dress, pant, shirt)

Colors (Eye, Hair)

Ethnic background

Send all submission information to:

Submissions without proper photos and information will not be considered.

Professional models are required to submit an invoice for payment. If you need help creating an invoice, our accounting department will assist you.

BMG pays by check or through Paypal within 14 days of receipt.

For any questions regarding payments or invoices, contact