Kacey WherleyThere are many things that inspire us, but there are few people who harness that inspiration and seamlessly dispatch it so that us mere mortals can become inspired. That’s where Kacey Wherley steps in. Wielding something electronic, we would imagine.

I don’t think Wherley would be offended if we called her a nerd. She’s admittedly a tech geek, and loves anything that has a module, node, port, or button.

Her day job involves event management in the security software industry, and we’re assuming that after the daily grind, there’s a video game or some new electra-nerd toy to play with.

But more importantly, Wherley is driven by inspiration.

She’s the founder of TEDx Grandview Ave, an independently organized TED event where entrepreneurs and innovators can share their inspirations with others seeking a new way of thinking.

The philosophy of Wherley and her team is simple, encourage innovation. There’s no ulterior  motive, pyramid scheme, marketing ploy, or timeshare salespeople hiding in the coat room armed with stainless steel cutlery as your parting gift.

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) was founded about 25 years ago and has seen countless amounts of inspirational figures grace its stage. The likes of Bill Gates and my personal mentor, Sir Richard Branson, have given countless inquiring minds a reason to try new things, take the next step, and believe that greatness can be attained in all forms.

With the development of TEDx, the independent component of TED, people like Wherley have the ability to create “TED like” events in their hometown. Wherley, who resides in Pittsburgh, PA, is organizing her second TEDx event, which is set to take place on April 26,  2014.

Wherley and a team of nine other volunteers make TEDx Grandview Ave a reality. Their selfless dedication and thirst for new ideas is what drives our subculture of creativity and progression.

For more information on TEDx Grandview Ave, visit their website